Summer Fling

"One of the best bands that's ever been and you can quote me on that"
- a real music critic


Summer Fling is a high-energy funk-rock band hailing from NYC, led by charismatic vocalist Eddie Kam. Its seven members are recently graduated jazz musicians who discovered their unique sound by transitioning from traditional standards to funk and indie-pop vibes. Summer Fling's mission? To deliver an unforgettable show while spreading heartfelt music of love, inclusivity, and electrifying horn solos.


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We're thrilled to announce that our new music will be available on streaming services in late spring/early summer of '24! In the meantime, enjoy plenty of live performance clips on Instagram. Additionally, here are a few songs released by an earlier lineup of the band.

Ruby Live at Arlenes


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Eddie Kam, hailing from Larchmont, NY, ignited his passion for music at a youthful child like age. However, the pandemic cast a shadow over live music in his hometown and America. Undeterred, upon his high school graduation in 2020, Eddie, alongside his close compatriots Evan Maculuso and Grant Tucker, took the bold step of forming a band named "Summer Fling." Initially constrained by their collegiate pursuits, the band could only convene during summer breaks, hence the name.However, their trajectory underwent a remarkable shift in late 2022 when a revamped lineup emerged, comprising members all rooted in NYC and immersed in diverse studies at renowned Jazz Conservatories. This pivotal change propelled "Summer Fling" into a whirlwind of performances, totaling over 45 gigs at esteemed venues like The Bitter End, Bowery Electric, and Arlene's Grocery, among others. Bolstered by new recruits Balam Sarellano, Dani Johnson, TJ Milan Bombara, and James “Jimbo” Worsey, the band clinched victory at the PMF Battle of the Bands. Subsequently, they graced the Main Stages of the Pleasantville Music Festival and the Toonerville Music Festival, sharing billing with illustrious acts such as They Might Be Giants and The Spin Doctors.This septet of freshly minted college graduates has seamlessly transitioned from jazz standards to an electrifying blend of funk, soul, and indie pop. Their mission? To captivate audiences with an immersive, inclusive, and joyous musical experience. In September '23, they captured their original compositions in studio recordings, eagerly anticipating the release of their debut album in the Summer of '24, poised to spread the infectious energy of "Summer Fling" worldwide.

Meet the Band

Eddie Kam...

Despite his ongoing allergy to the cold, Eddie has outgrown his "wee little boy" phase and is now somewhat bigger. When he's not rallying the Summer Fling Softball Team to victory, he is giving piano lessons to the children of America. As a proud member of the peanut-free table, Eddie is no stranger to injury but always recovers in time to hit those sultry high notes and velvety undergrounds.

Grant Tucker...

Grant Tucker is a professional. He plays many woodwind instruments (saxophone, flute, clarinet, and more) and one piano instrument (piano). He graduated from NYU, which is in New York, studying jazz, math, and physics. Eddie Kam was the announcer at Grant's Little League All-Star games. Evan and Grant are very likely distant cousins.
Grant's birthday is July 18th.

Evan Macaluso...

Evan Macaluso is the guitarist in Summer Fling, and he stands directly behind you. From over your shoulder, he mutters something about the ephemerality of the musical medium, then disappears into a fine mist. The droplets of his being form condensation on your forehead—a cold sweat—and drip down your nasal ridge onto the floor, spelling out the words "Do not be afriad." You think to yourself, 'Weird, that last word is mispelled.' And then you think...that last word was spelled wrong too. Impossibly, the word you just uttered aloud contained a written error. Reality crumbles around you; your corporeal form fractures as you consider that 'you' is nothing more than a literary device of second-person point-of-view in a textual bio for the guitarist of a band you may never have heard before. You grieve over this loss of self, lamenting the euphoric existence pulled out from under you, lusting for an escape. The warm embrace of reverie, of revelry. Maybe a tune or two? A Summer Fling perhaps?Welcome home, child. Welcome home.

Balam Sarellano...

Those who know him fear. Those who don’t, come near. Let me entice you with a psalm about the man known as Balam. Risen from the land of enchantment (New Mexico), wearing nothing but black, listening to Pedrito Martínez, and sharing a few wisecracks. Learning how to swim in Long Island, saying things are "TRUE" with style AND playing the drums.

Dani Johnson...

On the bass, we have Dani "Danger" Johnson—so smooth you might slip and fall. Her groove will make you swoon, and her rhythm might just knock you off your feet. This is why we call her Dani Danger. Consider yourself warned.

James “JIMBO” Worsey...

Originally from California but lured to New York City by the prospects of music school, JIMBO was saved from its clutches by the loving conglomerate that is Summer Fling, without whom JIMBO would not be. JIMBO is the proud trumpet player of the horn section, beloved by the band for all the blowing he does. Outside of Summer Fling, JIMBO's musical endeavors focus mostly on improvised music, as he spends a lot of time around the DIY scene and also works with experimental electronics. JIMBO loves you <3 P.S. JIMBO JIMBO JIMBO JIMBO

TJ Milan Bombara...

TJ is the tenor saxophonist in the band.